Meet the Blogger

Hello! My name is Megan Bennett. I am a wife to my wonderful husband Andrew, a farmer on my family’s farm, and a professional photographer.  For a couple of years now I’ve wanted to start a blog.  But I had no idea what to even write about! Well, I’ve finally figured it out.  This blog isn’t about just one thing.  I will be writing about anything from life on the farm, my favorite recipes, my most recent photography projects, and whatever else comes to mind.  I just want this to be a relaxing place of entertainment, inspiration, and most of all FUN! So grab a nice big cup of coffee, or whatever your favorite beverage is and pull up a seat!

First there are some things to know about me.  These last 5 years or so of my life have been completely crazy! I went from a college student who had no clue  what to do with her life, to working at a job I didn’t like, then I lost my job and decided that life on the farm was where I needed to be.  I had a photography business that I didn’t have time for due to working 40+ hours a week somewhere else and I wanted to grow that.  And I also had my dad always telling me “well Megan you might just turn out to be a farmer after all.”  Every time he would say this I would just laugh, roll my eyes, and say “Okay Dad…” in a very sarcastic type of voice. But little did I know that he was right and God’s plans ALWAYS prevail.  So here I am farming along side my dad every day and running my own business. I’m loving every minute of ! So I decided to share my crazy life with all of you right here on my blog, The Farmers Daughter.